Thursday, August 18, 2005

Don't leave Iraq to the Jihadis

Another interesting moment in Jon Stewart's interview with crackpot journalist Seymour Hersh, was when Stewar expressed his belief that we can and should keep trying to clean up the mess we made in Iraq, but not with the current administration. An odd reverse of that sentiment is apparently growing in the U.S. heartland. Reuters reports that many voters in Broken Bow, Nebraska still support the president, but want to cut our losses and get out of Iraq.

As much as I'm frustrated with the incompetence of the Bush administration with the Iraq occupation, I still think pulling out would be disastrous. If we left Iraq to the Jihadis, we would have only succeeded in replacing a contained, secular dictator with an uncontrollable, rabid theocracy. Whether or not Iraq had been a potential source of global terror before we invaded, it would certainly become so if we let the Jihadis rule the roost. For the sake of innocents in Iraq and innocents at home, we must see this war through, until we figure out a way to win.


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