Friday, September 30, 2005

Daily topics for Ideaspout

I feel the need to add a little structure to my blogging. So I'm going to write about a particular subject that interests me according to the day of the week.

Miscellaneous Monday: On Mondays, I'll write about whatever strikes my fancy.
Tech Tuesday: I love gadgets! Tuesdays will be when I write about my favorite toys.
Ed Wednesday: Ed as in Education. Education is my industry (and yes it is an industry, just one that has been horribly socialized).
Health Thursday: Health care is tied with education as the top-most industry that we desperately need to pry out of government hands.
California Friday: On Fridays I'll write about state and local issues.
Liberty Saturday: I want to reserve my day with the most free time to discuss sweet, sweet freedom.
Culture Sunday: On Sunday, I'll write about the movies, shows, records, and books I've consumed during the week prior.

Since today is California Friday, I'll write about the Ventura County fires, which I can see from my block.


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